The CW Allen Album On Spotify


  • Craig Vincent
    CW Allen was a perfect fit for Streamside’s Winter Blast.  We were looking for someone who could excite, connect and communicate with 7 – 15 year olds from both urban and suburban environments. CW put on a upbeat and quality hip hop concert with a very clear and relevant message.  His Bible teaching was even better as he mixed stories from the Bible, modern society and his personal life with accurate and relevant scriptural principles.  This was all done with a humble heart and willingness to serve however needed. (Streamside Youth Camp Director)
  • Kareem Manuel

    I’ve known the ministry of CW for 6 years now. I can honestly say, there aren’t many other artist you can find who works harder to grow personally first and then share that with others than CW. As an artist his work, music, and life make me work harder. (Owner Of  “WE” Apparel)

  • Chiffon Miller

    CW Allen represents everything that is right with rap music and youth ministry. His message is positive, but not void of the grit that sometimes life is hard. His music is relatable to youth and adults, Christian and non-Christian. (Chicago Public School Educator)

  • Curtis Zachary
    CW is a man that desires to honor The Lord with every move in his life. His passion for the Gospel and the kingdom of God is evident in his words and music. (Pastor, speaker, Hip Hop Artist)
  • Annie Udell
    “It is obvious CW is doing what God created him to do.  He is so passionate and committed to his music.  It is inspiring to watch.” (Young life Wheaton AD)
  • Tyjuan Gibson

    Man, this album has blessed me greatly! The theology and perspective within it helped me recover and press through while ensuring one of the hardest trials of my life. (Faithful Supporter, Christian Worker)