Why The Change?

“I’m so happy for you Dub. Your word through preaching and music definitely touches the hearts of people. Every morning when I’m getting ready I listen to hero’s never die and my favorite line is “faith and doubt can’t coexist” I think about that every day when I’m doubting myself and is unsure. You have had a huge impact on my life and I know through God you have so many more people’s hearts to touch. Thank you for everything you did for Young Life and for me.” 

–Ayrianna Longs

These were the words of one of my first Young Life teens Ayrianna. When I began serving at Sunshine Ayrianna was in 5th grade, now she is attending North Park University in her first year of college. It was a timely message as I found myself pretty frustrated to learn one of her peers(Another one of my teens), had been shot a couple hours prior to our conversation. I’m learning to deal with the reality that you can’t change anyone, but you can love them and hope your efforts allow them to meet Jesus.

This reality has forced me to think deeply about how I’m wired and make the most of my limited time on earth. I want to have great impact for God, and I can’t do that being spread to thin. If I’m worry about what people will think, or their disapproval with my methods I will become disqualified in this work. I need to chase Jesus and allow him to dictate my steps. That’s why I chose Artist in Christian Testimony as my new ministry assignment.

I could have kept doing the work I was doing with the hopes of selling a few CDs to thrust me fully into my calling, or I could be bold and take some drastic steps to honor God with my gifts. My bold step was A.C.T. Intl. When I goggled ministries that support Christian artist they popped up. As I read through the pages of their website saw a ministry that allowed me flexibility, ownership, and the freedom to build something special. I felt extremely welcomed from the first phone call with Judy and listened to by my coach Larry. After that initial call I knew my life was about to change.