I Don’t Need Your Money

I Don’t Need Your Money, Nor Does God

 I remember when I was younger, my mother would have me my brother wrap all the family Christmas gifts. Then the next day we would get to pass them out. We didn’t buy them nor the paper we wrapped them in, but we got to experience the joy of watching their recipient’s eyes grow and smiles widen. They would thank us and then return the blessing:) I loved that feeling. I learned on a tangible level that it is better to give than it is to receive. Later I became a minister of the gospel and I shared with people the hope I had received freely received from God.

But somewhere along the way I became that an adult Peter Pan and forgot those feelings of my childhood. I became an adult who struggled with the idea of asking others to help me. In a sense I was ok robbing them of the joy they would feel giving to me. If you would have told me in my early twenties that I would be raising support to feed my wife and do God’s work stepping into my 30s I would have told you that you were crazy. But God chose different. To me asking people to support my work seemed more like begging and even embarrassing.

b75faa79-28c2-4e07-b4e0-610c70fd11bbIn the book of Acts, Luke begins his book addressing to a man named Theophilus. Many scholars believe that Theophilus was a recent convert to Christianity and person of wealth and power. Luke was providing him with a backstory to his new faith in Jesus through the Gospel of Luke and an understanding of the early church in book of Acts. Lastly, Luke was writing to give him an updated account on what they did with the money he was sending them. Yep, that’s right! Theophilus was probably a financial supporter to Luke and the apostle Paul’s missions like you are to mine. Not only Theophilus supported them but also many churches and individuals in the faith. They believed in financially participating in God’s work even if they could not do the hands on work themselves.

Another important receiver of financial support was our very own Lord Jesus. GOD Himself!(Mark 8) He had a treasurer, Judas, who held the money they received during His earthly ministry. Jesus didn’t need anyone’s money, but he allowed others to participate in His Mission. These occurrences opened my eyes to the privilege it is for others to partner with me in this work. So I don’t get frustrated that I ask you for financial support, I get excited for you. I don’t take it personal when a person says no, or feel the need to always solicit funds every time I hang with friends. I know God will provide, because he sees the value in this type of ministry. It is dignified and life giving to all three parties; you, me, and the recipient of my work. I’m praying that God would continue to bless you in your giving to this and other ministries. I’m asking him to use my life and work as a reality of His presence in your life.

Please pray for me as I raise our financial support, this is an uncertain and trying time even with my renewed mindset. I still battle to not fall into my old ways of viewing ministry support raising.