Heading To Tennessee

After a long cruise control-less trip Jac and I arrived in Nashville, Tennessee. We were there for my official orientation with A.C.T. Int’l. Honestly we didn’t know what to expect. All the folks I talked to over the phone these past few months seemed great but as you know that’s not always a great indicator of character. As we settled in and began to meet our new ministry partners their hearts and excitement blew us away.
I was particularly impressed with the organizations founder and executive director Dr. Byron Spradlin. As the ministry’s rosy-cheeked leader spoke I was instantly blown away by his intellect and humility. He fluently taught using Greek and Hebrew terms, but did it in a very applicable transparent fashion. When he spoke to you one on one you felt like you were the only person in the world. It very much reminded me of my other father Pastor Joe Abraham.

I can honestly say I hadn’t felt that affirmed or understood as an artist before. In the back of my mind I have been guilty of feeling like my gifts are a fluke, unworthy of people’s support when there’s so many other artist. Their have been times where I’ve been firmly reminded that what I do is a self satisfying endeavor, or that I will have to grow up one day. Often times many would miss that I was created to encourage, entertain, and inspire people with my gifts. I’m sure the folks sharing those thoughts about my craft didn’t mean to scar my view of what an artist is but we live in a fallen world.

CW_Promo_Live1I never could explain why I struggled working In a 9-5 setting, why I was always dreaming of the next move, so I chalked it up to me having an issue which I needed to work on. I must admit that I believed the cultural lie that artist are just undisciplined creatives who will hopefully grow up one day.

The term CALLING used in the New Testament is KLESIS which means “invitation”. God invites us to meet Him and then be on assignment with Him.

1. We are Called to know God: Our primary and eternity long mandate is to know and love God. He invites us to know Him deeper than any other thing.

2. We are called to know ourselves: I never realize this was a calling but it is. Knowing yourself enables you to make the most of your time on earth in an undivided way. It affirms who you are in God. Your unique personality, talents, spiritual gifts, and sovereign history(things that impacted you leading up to now).

3. We are called to your unique assignment: These calls are for a season, and they are affirmed by our community of faith, scriptures, gifts, talents, personality, accessibilities, and God Himself.

Please pray for me as I walk in this season’s calling for me. I still need to raise my support, and I’m a month and a half away from my full transition to A.C.T. Int’l.