I’m Going To Poland

In October I got the opportunity to go to rap and speak in Columbus, OH. On my bus trip back home I got a call from an old friend, Tim Richards. I met Tim when I was 19 at Camp Patmos on Kelly’s Island. During our call Tim asked me if I would be interested in rapping in Poland this May. Of course my response was heck yeah! After we hung up the phone I realized that I didn’t really know where Poland was located? If they liked black people? Or how much this would cost to pull off? 😀

When I got back to Chicago I got a call from the trip organizer, Richard. Richard met with Jac and I and told us about the trips formation. 

Brace yourself for this one!!!

Richard went to Poland to accompany Kirk Franklin on a missions trip and teach the Polish gospel music. Before he returned to the states he decided to get a copy of his wife’s family tree from her families ancestral town. When he arrived and told them the family name the city hall attendant told him he needed to see the mayor. 

While in the Mayor’s office he was told that the country thought their family had died off and they recently sold their royal palace. 

“Our palace?” Richard said in shock.

The Mayor asked for a copy of his business cards and planned to meet with him in the near future to discuss this new development. Richard returned to the states and told his in-laws about the story and that they were the royal family of Poland! 

After telling the family Richard and his wife met with Poland officials to discuss their birthright. They soon found out that they owned multiple palaces and homes all over Poland. From that point on their life was different.

img_5570The Promnitz family has not chosen to claim riches, titles, and properties for personal glory or comfort, but instead to use their new position as an open door for building ongoing relationships and sharing the love of Jesus through music. There is now an affection and trust between Richard and many in Poland, including local government officials.

The Promnitz Tour is hosted by local governments in 8 cities as part of their pre-Euro Cup festivities and was an American/Polish cultural exchange with free concerts of jazz, hip-hop, country/western, pop, indie rock, and gospel music. The family’s aim is that Promnitz Tour is be an annual event held as a gift to the Polish people from the heritage of the Von Promnitz Family of Poland. 

Great story right! So my band and I will be the Hip Hip component of the tour this year. In order to join I need to raise an additional $3,000 to my current support. Please pray for my support raising in this area and continued monthly support. We are a little over $1000 and we need $3,500 in monthly partners to meet our living expenses. its crunch time now that we have one month until I’m done at my current job.