Hip Hop Is Vital To God’s Mission

This was the statement I began my break out session with at 2017 Amplify Conference. The conference was sponsored by the Billy Graham center and was tailored towards evangelism. As an urban artist and recipient of great godly music from urban artist I was honored that our A.C.T. Int’l President, Byron Spraldin, would invite me to share about the importance of the church embracing, empowering, and supporting urban artists.

Persons in my age group, 25-34, listen to 32% of Hip Hop music. Right behind that group are folks ages 18-24. 2/3 of the Hip Hop genre’s listeners are Millennials who also control 5 billion dollars in spending power, and only 17% of us attend an evangelical church.

There are many problems the church and her artists face when engaging my peers. My hope approaching this conference was to make those issues known and allow my listeners to pray about taking relevant actions in this matter.