Thoughts After Our Poland Tour: God is Doing A Special Things

God is Doing Something Special

The last 5 or so years I’ve been on a journey of figuring out how I want to present my music. I’ve come to the conclusion that I just need to make good music, that intwines my faith in a life relating way. Its not a sermon or a lyrical textbook of theology. I don’t plan on it being a replacement for the bible or churches, Its just a conversation starter from a man trying to love God and people well. This is widely because I’m a huge believer in permission evangelism.

One night In Gniezno I rapped at a pub and offered anyone who wanted to talk about life after the show to come find me. Two guys who were seniors in high school came up to me and one of them said;

“Can we talk about life?” 

If that wasn’t an open door I don’t know what is. You better believe I walked through. I prayed in my head and asked God to guide our conversation. They heard why I came to rap in their small town, and about Jesus.

In Poznan a young guy named Andrew came to see me perform a second time after my first show. He apologized that I wasn’t in a bigger venue like the all stars who come into town. I told him that God wanted me here because Andrew was worth my time and us being in a smaller venue. Later that night I thought to myself, I can’t imagine how special it must have felt to hear the headlining artist tell you that I’m here for YOU and thats NOT a mistake. I was so thankful to share that with him and I hope to sincerely do more of that for others. This lets people know that God is thinking about them and will use anyone to show it.

Partnership Is Underrated

It actually discourages me to see so many amazing ministries and ministers who won’t work together. Some have attempted to make it work despite our differences, and that encourages me. I want to be apart of that!

Richard(Our trip leader) works tirelessly with the churches, institutions, and businesses in Poland. The tour wouldn’t be possible without coordination with Mayors and various administrators. If you want to see a country on fire for God you have to love the people your working with and respect them. I learned a great deal about Next Generation Missions during our trip.

Some band members dropped out from the trip for financial purposes, one guy even told me he didn’t want to go anymore because the felt it was unfair to pay $3,000 to play music. I understood him, but I also understood how mission’s agencies work as well. One thing my lost band member didn’t realize(and neither did I) is that Richard’s ministry leaves the sound systems from tours with partnering churches so that they can have one every year. They have also created a few jobs for native polish folks who help coordinate and translate for the tours.

Currently, theres a reconstruction of a castle being done in partnership with the local government, and a hotel owner. The question has come up of why didn’t Richard just take the property back and use the money to fund tours and such. The problem with that is that smaller towns depend on the revenue from the mansions and castles that are now museums. It would be impossible for the Von Promintiz family to take it back and maintain the cost and up keep. It would also burn valuable relationships. Richard’s hope is that the residuals from the refurbished partnership properties will fund more missions work/tours and allow them to maintain great relationships with the Polish people. Everyone wins in these strategic partnerships.