Thoughts After Our Poland Tour: We Need More Black Missionaries

We Need More Black Missionaries

“We love black gospel music because we can identify with the struggles of it.” – Aga(Our Translator, and Gospel Choir leader)

I didn’t feel a hint of racism or marginalization while in Poland(at least the parts I attended). There was more of an intrigue in smaller towns, but not in a bad way. This was sort of an advantage in conversation(when folks spoke english) and during shows. Richard asked me how could we get more Black American artist on these trips and I thought of a couple things but I was still scratching my head for solutions. There’s an interestingly unique platform for Black American artist in Poland but will it be utilized.

Because of financial struggles, not being taught the ideas of missionary work, and pay to play only mentalities, few Black Americans artist will capitalize on this opportunity. We have to encourage our missionary baptist churches to be missional and send out missionaries.(there are some amazing ones.) We can’t just tithe to our building funds and pastoral anniversaries, but forget about building of the global church. Traveling to churches in the states is great, but abroad is a far off scary idea for many in the black church. How do we work through this?

I can’t pretend to have a quick solution to this but I know I don’t want to miss this opportunity and their are some other great artist who could kill it in places like Poland. We need prayer, willingness to go, and money. Please support them! And…