A dream deferred is not a dream denied; or so the lead track on CW Allen’s self-titled album goes on to explain;

“You ever have a dream/ you felt you couldn’t reach/but you knew you had to try/ or you’d never have peace.”

“Dream Baby” is the slogan that CW pulls his listeners into, revealing the honest truth about artist struggles, including selling just 9 albums for his first release over 10 years ago. Climbing back from a deficit is just one of the ways this self-titled project introduces people to who CW Allen is; a dreamer and a believer.

CW recruited Grammy & Dove award winning Alex “Juice” Hitchens (produced on Lecrae’s album “Gravity”) long-time friend and collaborator Fred “FC on the beat” Council, and Chicago-based producer Charles “Geeda” Cornelius (produced “Dum Dum” by Tedashii feat. Lecrae) for the production. A mixture of Trap, R&B, Soul, and Boom bap, culminates in personal anthems meant to challenge people to remove the baggage and clutter from their life to move forward. Utilizing subtle lyrics over hard beats, songs like “Soft Flex” addresses black lives and the recent Charlottesville, VA protests, he also takes a jab at self-proclaimed internet activists:

“Politics and torches got em’ feeling like a G / Wanna hang Kapernick cause the homie took a knee? /I don’t get it but I get it/all these patriots so deflated/ pro-life is celebrated when it’s black it’s complicated. New level / same devil/ New name same tweet/ and we all think a post same as getting in the street.”

Going back to his love for comic book super heroes, a reoccurring theme in his music, songs like “Villain,” unmask the defeated foe sin. This villain deceives the heart and creeps in to destroy humanity. To reveal sin’s devastating affects Allen recruits fellow Chicago artists, Brother 3 and Tremaine Harris, to help paint an emotional masterpiece. Overcoming defeat requires the ultimate super hero, Jesus Christ as the song “Heroes Never Die” explains. Allen reaches out of the depths for the only hope that gives CW Allen the drive to “Dream Baby.”

With this idea in mind, CW became a staff member through Artist in Christian Testimony(A.C.T. Intl). A.C.T. Intl trains, supports, and advocates for artist in their calling to God’s work. If you would like to join CW as a financial partner you can click here.